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August 01, 2015 - Bulgaria

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In Bulgaria I see more and more horse drawn vehicles. Cows, sheep, goats and horses graze, often without herdsmen. There are hardly any shops in the villages. And  when there are some they are often meeting points for people, a few chairs and a sun umbrella in front of the door. I choose small roads again, going up and going down. The wide view reminds me of the softness of the Tuscany with its endless width of the countryside beyond.

People here are quite talkative and start speaking to me in their language. They don't recognise that I am unable to understand them. Since leaving Budapest I don't meet many long-distance cyclists. The reason might be that the Romanian side is not as hilly as the Serbian.

Ruse - Heiner Zimmer -

In Ruse I take a one-day break.


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