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August 31, 2015 - Back to Bulgaria

We mainly ride along the steep coast, leaving it now and then. The area is not so tourist and the villages seem abandoned. At Cape Kaliakra we visit the old castle.

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We park our bicycles on private property. When we come back we realize that the owner is busy with our bicycles. All four tires are flat. This evening we find a camping site on the cliffs above the ocean.

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Our route now goes up and down from one bay to the next, partly on small roads close to the ocean. At one point we are riding on such a road, and all of a sudden the road is completely destroyed by a landslide.

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All we can do is to return to the point we started out in the morning. This village is Balchik where we had spent the night on wooden platforms. In the morning we had decided not to visit the castle and the botanical garden. Now we have a second chance and do so.

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The visit takes longer than we expect. It is noon already. So we spend another night in the open air. We continue along the coast to Warna and Nessebar and always up and down as the landscape demands. We go for a swim quite often. In Nessebar we visit the old town overflowing with tourists.

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We put up our tent in a park at the harbour. The coast now following is full of tourist towns. However we want to continue on the Bulgarian coast as we have heard that there were beaches with few people. We risk detours and adventures. We give up at cliffs we can not conquer with our fully loaded bicycles.

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A river is getting in our way and we cross it with the bicycles. We find lonely bays and pass a nature reserve, a beautiful landscape. The only disturbing thing are the many mosquitoes around. They are hundreds with no respect for nose, ears, mouth and eyes. Riding without glasses is impossible.
We spend three days at Silistra beach close to Sinemorets.

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A local biker tells us about a gravel road leading to Malko Tornovo at the Turkish border. We choose this route and now have 40 kilometres of gravel in front of us. It has been a challenge but we liked it.

We arrive late. The next day we have another 8 kilometres up to 760 metres above sea level, before we arrive in Turkey.

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