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August 26, 2016 - India

I was in India now for more than five months. Only a few weeks left before my visa runs out. I still have one dream place in mind which I want to visit. However I am 2000 kilometres away from it. So in this short period of time this is not doable by bike. What now? Take the train to Agra, together with the bicycle? Unfortunately not possible as the train was booked up.
So I took the train to Dehli where I actually never wanted to go.  A chaotic city.

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From there I took a bus to the Taj Mahal in Agra...
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...and the other sights there.

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Another dream of mine was fulfilled. So I could relax and get to the Nepali border. An unexpected surprise awaited me there. I was not allowed to leave India. I had overstayed my visa for 54 days. I had a six-month visa with Multiple Entries still valid for a few days. I had missed the information, written in very small letters right beside the photo saying that the visa is valid no longer than 90 days after the entry. In my case of a 6-month visa I would have had to leave and enter the country. The border official is very friendly. He had a big folder full of exit permits of people to whom this had also happened. This was good information. But then he said the unbelievable. The exit permit has to be picked up at the Immigration Office in Dehli. Why not here at the border? Urgency is necessary.

Friday, weekend – a 12 hour bus trip to Dehli on the same evening. Picking up the permit and taking the bus back to the border in the evening was the plan. Saturday morning – the Immigration Office is open. But for some reason no exit permit can be issued today. Not before Monday. On Monday I finally receive the permit and had to pay a fine of 1.900 Indian Rupees. It turned out alright in the end. In the evening back by bus to the Nepali border where my bicycle and luggage wait for me in the border station. It was five o'clock in the morning. The final bus stop was in Banbasa, four or five kilometres away from the border. Tired to death and in good spirits we walked to the border. It was still closed. The border official came an hour later and I was allowed to leave India.

Let's quickly get over the border!!!

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