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August 01, 2015 - Serbia

The landscape turns into a richly varied scenery. Large sunflower fields radiate their brightness onto me. Golden fields of grain reach to the horizon. Grapes are ripening in the sun. People harvest apricots and peaches. They taste best directly from the tree.

I choose roads with little traffic and enjoy what appears behind the next corner. It always surprises me that there is still something new. The Danube is a wonderful river; only the mosquitos bother me in the evening and camping is not such a pleasure. So I decide to leave the Danube for camping. The flood plains and the heat are responsible for this mosquito plague.

In these really hot temperatures I enjoy a refreshing swim in the Danube from time to time. A thunder storm over night cools down the temperature for two days. Afterwards they go up again to 38 – 40 degrees. So I start earlier in the morning and take a break at noon. People are interested were I come from and where I'm going. Some places still show damages of the war. Many houses are empty and collapsing, illegal waist dumps all over. The cycle paths are now small roads with no or little traffic. They remind me of a patchwork carpet. Some roads have only one side tarred, then you continue on gravel all of a sudden.

From Backa Palanka to Novi Sad there is no other way than taking the main road. Because of the many trucks this is no pleasure. The area becomes more hilly, with steep up-hills. The effort is worth it. Once I'm up I enjoy a wonderful view over the countryside. My next destination is Belgrade.


A city which in the first moment looks joyless and grey to me. But then I stay one more day to take a closer look and my perspective changes.

Heiner Zimmer -

My next goal is Romania. Before reaching the border I fall from the bicycle.  Blood comes out of my ear. I travel back to the last place and visit a doctor the next day. His suggestion is to take a rest for a few days. Three days later I go on.



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