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June 8, 2015 - I like my new life : )

On 26.05.2015 I've said my goodbye's and left some very good friends behind - which I will probably won't see for a very long time. I've left my home town of Bitburg and I am glad to finally get going. Heinz, one of my friends, accompanied me the first 4 days. I have to get used to moving my Bike plus luggage again - both weighing about 60 kg together by the way.

0176 Heiner Zimmer BikeroadcruiserWe are passing the Eifel mountains travelling trough the cities Gerolstein, Daun, Nürburgring, over Mayen and following the River Rhein to Koblenz. We have several meters of altitude to overcome, so you can imagine the sweat poring down my forehead. Heinz is a good supporter and very understanding in this matter.

0190 Heiner Zimmer BikeroadcruiserEvery mountain rewarded us with a magnificent view of the Eifel landscape. The kilometres that we cover, are modest. Riding along the River Rhein is much better and quite relaxing with the sun following us - I already feel the freedom that I can live out now.

The joy of my new found freedom and the encounters with new people make my hard farewell to my children, my grandchildren and my friends a little easier for me. I am entering a new life.

My path takes me over the Loreley, Rudesheim to Mainz, where I was allowed to set up my tent in a canoe club on the other side of the river Main with a view of the Mainz Cathedral. I was invited to a birthday party, which was held just on the grounds of canoe club.0196 Heiner Zimmer Bikeroadcruiser

My route takes me along the river Main. I am avoiding Frankfurt and leaving Kelsterbach. Fields, meadows and forests are my companions now. A wonderful landscape to travel trough in deed! Since I have no bike map with me, orientation is not always so easy. In Rödermark, shortly before Seligenstadt, I got lost and I was looking for a way to get back on track. I spoke to a young man named Michael who was standing in front of his house and asked him for directions. After a pleasant conversation he quite spontaneously invited to stay at his house for the night. It was raining next morning and I was waiting for it to clear up. I decided to get going anyway at which point the rain got even worse and more violent.

As I arrived Seligenstadt I took a break at a café next to a monastery. This gave me the opportunity to dry up all my clothes. That's when I met Jan and Steffi, who were travelling to Tauber on their bikes themselves. We left the café to continue our journey to Tauber together, despite the light rain. On that day we've reached Miltenberg.


Jan, Steffi und ich - Heiner Zimmer - BikeroadcruiserTaubertal - Heiner Zimmer Bikeroadcruiser





The next day, we have travelled to Wertheim am Main. Shortly after we took the road to the Tauber Valley, where it became more hilly. The countryside and the cities on the Main and Tauber are romantic. In Gamburg we ran into a large group of pilgrims (800 participants), which are of Fulda. The pilgrims took respite in Gamburg were they received Food and drink by the inhabitants.

We were also invited by the locals for lunch, even though we didn't belong to the group of pilgrims. I must say that I am very impressed by the hospitality of our country.

Heiner Zimmer - BikeroadcruiserHeiner Zimmer - Bikeroadcruiser

The other day I continued my Voyage alone, heading for Rothenburg and then riding to valley "Altmühltal". A wide-open valley with many old towns and castles.

I like my new life. The weather is sunny and beautiful. In Kehlheim I came across the river Donau. In Regensburg I visited friends and spend one day with them.

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