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July 03, 2015 - From Hungary to Croatia and Serbia

At noon I arrive at my next destination, Budapest. Cycle tracks and small side roads take me to the center. I go for a stroll immediately. The city has a lot to offer.

Heiner Zimmer - Bikeroadcruiser.comHeiner Zimmer -

Being enthusiastic about Art Nouveau and Art Deco I am impressed of the buildings, partly still with the old structure. There are many parks and green spaces with trick fountains. People have their pleasure using them.

Heiner Zimmer - Bikeroadcruiser.comHeiner Zimmer -

Despite busy traffic and the vibrant city it is a place with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. People hardly horn. Life seems easy-going. I enjoy that and think I will be staying for a few days. I don't take the tram but prefer to walk through the streets. Or I enjoy going by bicycle. In Budapest I get myself some maps to be more independent from my travel partner. Sometimes each one of us wants to go his own way.

Now we continue East. It has become quite hot, 36 – 40 degrees. The roads are getting worse and the cycle paths often can't be used.

Heiner Zimmer - Bikeroadcruiser.comWe meet many long-distance bicycle travellers and the exchange with them is often helpful. I mostly camp alone as Hans prefers to rent a room. In doing so I meet Patrick from Bielefeld. Like me he was looking for a camp ground this evening, which however no longer exists. I suggest that we could look for a place together. We find a nice spot and a herd of sheep wakes us up in the morning.

Heiner Zimmer - Bikeroadcruiser.comI keep meeting Patrick from time to time and sometimes we travel in a group of three. A swim in the Danube is a pleasant refreshment in these really hot temperatures.

All of a sudden cycle paths improve or are completely new. Because of the increasing heat we make a longer siesta or even start our trip not before late afternoon. Camping right at the Danube is no real pleasure. In the evening mosquitoes bother me. Sitting in front of the tent is almost impossible. In the future I will stay away from the Danube for camping.

Passing Baja our destination now is Croatia and Serbia. We keep switching borders by changing the Danube sides.


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