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June 25, 2015 - Bratislava in Slovakia

In the evening we arrive in Bratislava.


A city with quite intense charm and appeal which I had not expected. I was surprised. We hear that the campground is 18 kilometers away from the center. So we look for a cheap accommodation. While doing so, a woman (Maria) asks me if we are looking for a room. During our conversation she tells me that she is going to a meditation and invites me to come with her. She gives us the address of her friend's hotel who is also a painter. Hotel Galeria in the style of the Hundertwasser house.

Hotel Galeria in BratislavaHotel Galeria in Bratislava

Maria takes us to the hotel. On the way we have an intense conversation about life and the spiritual aspect of life. Is that something accidental? It rains in the morning and once more we take a look at Bratislava.

The Eif(f)el - my home region -  also exists in Bratislava.a. ; )  

The Eif(f)el - my home region -  also exists in Bratislava.a. ; ) 

To give our things time to dry we enjoy spending time in a chocolate cafe.




Two days ago, Peter, a Slovakian, talked to me in front of a supermarket. He offered his holiday house, 35 kilometers away from Bratislawa, 12 Euros per day. As I want to do my laundry and write my blog we decide to rent the house for two to three days and to discover the surroundings.

In this rural area time seams to stand still. Roads become worse and there is a lot of garbage at their sides. The properties are surrounded by fences or high walls. Smaller shops, bakery or butcher can be identified mostly by their barred doors. Prices are much lower than in Germany. In bigger cities you can find supermarkets like Lidl, Kaufland, dm, Billa a.s.o. We heard from Maria that prices are similar to Austria.


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