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February 2017 - Thailand

Time passes too fast and the farewell is not easy. I spend some more days on the island. Back again on the mainland I wander through a landscape of many fruit trees and small villages with characteristic old and wooden houses. Before riding the coastal road I make an excursion into the Kitcha Kut national park, where the pilgrimage site Khao Phra Bhat is located.

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Every buddhistic thai wants to visit this pilgrimage site once in his lifetime. This location is relatively unknown to tourists, so there were just a few around. The coast at this place is fabulous. I cycle small side roads through palmplantations and sleepy villages. I travel like this from one bay to the next one. This part of the coast is mainly used by thais at the weekends. I found a hardly describable silence and serenity there. Many times, while looking for a place to sleep, there is neihter anyone present at the open acommodation's reception nor do I find any soul around the whole resort. It is also hard to get directions, because there are so few signs, which then are written in letters that I cannot read. A lot of times I had to rely on my good sense of direction. I then rode on hit-or-miss in the direction, that I assumed to be the right one.
Sometimes it turned out I was correct! Or not ???

While I made pauses from cycling I often went swimming in the ocean. The voices of the rainforest accompany me and the sun pampers me all day long. This is a good life. I am grateful to experience it. Most of times I stay a few days at the same place. Thoughts come to my mind: I could start a new life here later on or just have a break here from travelling.

The first big Resorts arise in front of me - package touristing incoming. There is a new ferry from Pattaya to Hua Hin since January, which I intend to use. In Jomtien I look for an accomodation; it is quite near to the pier of Pattaya. At the harbour office I want to get a ticket for the ferry for the next day. I've been told that I cannot take my bicycle on the ferry because it does not fit into the x-ray scanner, which they use to scan the luggage. But I don't give up! I cycle along the pier to look for alternatives, but I wasn't successful. A little frustration comes up when I think of cycling through the industrial zone south of Bangkok in order to reach the coast of the gulf of Thailand. It would be 250km of cycling without side roads. My anger and frustration, that is coming from my stomach, helps me to cover the whole distance within two days! I reach Samut Songkhram just on time when a train is arriving the Maeklong Railway Market.

Heiner Zimmer - Bikeroadcruiser.comHeiner Zimmer - Bikeroadcruiser.comHeiner Zimmer -

The market is located directly beside the railway. When a train approaches, all the vendors with their marketshops have to retreat a little to make room for the train. I did it and finally I am at the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Anger and frustration are gone. The night I spend in Phetchaburi. There is a festival of lights at Wat Mahathat Worawihan, which is the emblem of the city.

Heiner Zimmer - Bikeroadcruiser.comHeiner Zimmer - Bikeroadcruiser.comHeiner Zimmer -

The whole hill with all the magnificent buildings is illuminated by chains of lights and lampions. Many people visit the festival wearing their ancient and traditional costumes. My way leads me to the south direction on gravel roads far away from the highway. In Hua Hin i meet Jonas and Claudia, with whom I spent one day in Phetchaburi. On the next day we visit the Pharaya Nakhon Cave. It is an impressive dripstone cave, where in its inside was built a temple (more info on the internet).

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We have been there just in time to see the early morning sun shining into the cave. I was very impressed.

The first karst-like mountains come in sight and it makes fun cycling through this beautiful landscape far off the highway.
Once again there are isolated beaches and fishing villages. Thailand fascinates me. Many times I go swimming into the ocean, because the temperature is rising from day to day. At times, at noon, I measure 46,8° Celcius. In Prachuap Khiri Khan a road leads through a military base to the bay of the lemons. There I have to cross their runway. When a plane takes off from the base, the road is closed manually with a barrier. This place is paradisiac: isolated and dreamlike beaches, the rainforest and small villages.

Heiner Zimmer - Bikeroadcruiser.comHeiner Zimmer -
A small fishing village is fascinating me. The time seems to have stopped here. Every one is calm and relaxed while working.

Heiner Zimmer - Bikeroadcruiser.comHeiner Zimmer -
At this place I eat the best fish-curry, that I ever had, with my feet in the sand and a free view towards the ocean. These days I have met some long distance cyclists on my way. I plan to stay at the coast of the Gulf until Chumphon.

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